F-Word Merchandise!!!

As this is my first post here on the F-Word blog, I figure that I should introduce myself:

My name is Arianna, and I am a rising senior (!) here at OU, with a sociology major and women's and gender studies certificate. I blog about gender, human sexuality, and sex education (read: my minor obsession) here, although I haven't touched my blog in a while--hoping to change that soon. I speak Chinese. I enjoy Pilates. I absolutely adore penguins. I'm filled to the brim with stories...I'm sure you'll hear many of them soon!

Okay, so I had a fundraising idea for us Ladies and Gents: shirts! I decided to make a design that would look really good on us, as well as on other people who might want to buy our shirts. Even if others don't, it still might be cool for us to have our own brand to be visible on campus.

I tried a few different designs, and the design below was the best looking that I considered. On the front, there are a variety of f-words covering the entire front of the shirt, seam to seam, top to bottom. These words are colored just slightly darker than the color of the shirt, so that they form a background, but one must get closer to see each individual word. The pictures below are just for a white version; technically, the design could work on any color (I was thinking red). For the important headline text, I have four different fonts, as shown below.

I used my handy-dandy "print screen" button and paint program to make the following pictures, which I created in Word (hence the little squigglies under a few words on the left, and the cursor on the left on option 4- neither of those are part of the design.) Here are the options so far:

Option 1: Block Type (click for close-up)

Option 2: Handwritten Type
(click for close-up)

Option 3: Scribble Type
(click for close-up)

Option 4: Typewriter Type
(click for close-up)

Other ideas:

  • Going local: Getting them printed at places in Athens
  • Going organic: Organic shirts, social responsibility style?
  • V-Necks: they look good on everybody
Which one is your favorite? Do you have ideas for the shirts yourself? Talk to us in the comments!


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  1. I vote the Handwritten style! Nice work by the way, the design is very cool.