The F-Word Ladies NEED YOU!

Hey there ladies and gents,

It's been awhile since we last updated, but like you-- we check back everyday to see if there is anything new! And what do you know, there is! Alright, so being a performance group we are always putting on the show. We are always talking about ourselves. And you know what, YOU LISTEN. Hooray!

Well now The F-Word Ladies are giving up the stage (kind-of) and we are asking, pledging and mayhaps DEMANDING that you, an F-Word supporter, share a CONFESSION with us for our next show taking place sometime in Mid-November. This show seriously cannot happen unless we get your CONFESSIONS.

Your confession can be ANYTHING. It can even be a lie-- we wouldn't know. Just in case you're still confused fellow F-Word lady Sonja Mata still sucks her thumb and she is 20 years old. Whoops! Or you can confess that you still pee in the shower or sing WAY off key while driving down Court Street. You can even confess that you have a crush on someone-- they might even be in the audience. (An F-Word show makes for a great date night! It's free!) You can confess past things, new things, any things, things you made up, things you think you made up, and things you think you didn't make up, but actually might still be made up.

And how do you submit these CONFESSIONS? Well, that's a tricky thing. The thing is YOU get to decide on whether or not you want to include anything else with your confession. Your name, age, grade level. Maybe you want to call yourself "ED," or "Lonely Boy," or even "A hopeful person." We don't know! It can be any combination of things! Or just to take pressure off, you can even be ANONYMOUS!!!!!! SO WHAT'S THE HARM?! Submit your CONFESSION.

You can submit your confessions a number of ways. We are only going to a list a few, because we want you to be more creative than us.

1. E-mail us your confession! (An e-mail address won't tell us who you are and we won't reply back!) So e-mail us at thefwordladies@gmail.com.

2. Post your confession on Facebook! (Lame and not really a confession anymore, but at least you're putting it out there for us to see!) Post that confession on The F-Word Facebook Group. You can find that by clicking this.

3. If you are looking at the Facebook group there is this neat thing on the left hand sidebar and it shows the ADMINS for The F-Word Ladies. If you're feeling brave message one us and tell us your CONFESSION. Again-- even if we know you, we won't share your confession. And we won't reply back.

4.Tweet us your confession! Check out twitter here and figure out how to let us know. Here is our twitter account.

5. Oh hey! You can even click "comment" on this here blog and leave us a CONFESSION! Remember-- ALL COMMENTS are screened before being publish. We will not publish your COMMENT/CONFESSION unless you give us permission.

6. Write your confession in the Ellis Hall bathroom. Just make sure to make a little arrow saying something like "For F-Word." Just so we don't go in there and pick random ones to make it look like people submitted us actual confessions.

7. In Kanter Hall on the 3rd floor there are mailboxes! Find Sonja Mata or Arielle Rogers or Jessica Link and place your secret in their mailbox. It won't get read by another party. Trust us, because we love our audience. Just make sure we can read your handwriting!

8. Be a creep and stalk us on campus. (If you know who The F-Word Ladies are) and whisper your sweet confession in our ear and then RUN AWAY!!!!

9. While you click "attending" for our upcoming show you can also post a confession on the Facebook event located here.


So there you go. We gave your TEN neat ways to submit your confessions. So please do and we will forever be thankful. Stay pretty ladies and gents.

-The F-Word Ladies