.5 Why is is that sometimes you call the group 'F-Word' and other times ' The F-Word Ladies?'
          Truth be told, the one who created and manages this site, joined as a member of The F-Word Ladies. They personally like it better, even if males are in the group. Also, a lot of the original promotion was advertised as The F-Word Ladies. But we are whatever the F-Word we want to be!

1. Do you allow males to participate with The F-Word Ladies?
Yes. The F-Word Ladies encourage men to join and attend the meetings. The reasons vary, but The F-Word Ladies feel that in order to understand one another we must open our doors to all that want to share their stories and experiences with us.
2.  If I join The F-Word Ladies do I have to perform?
No. The F-Word Ladies believe that by performing personal experiences, it can be a huge milestone that some of our members simply are not ready for. The F-Word Ladies, however, do encourage those to write down their experiences. Then gain the strength to perform with The F-Word Ladies in front of an audience. The F-Word Ladies want all women (and now, men) to embrace their struggles and empower themselves through performance.
3. Do I have to share personal information/experiences at the meetings?
No. Absolutely not. The F-Word Ladies feel that even stepping in through the doors into our space is achievement enough. If a person wanted to remain seated and silent through the whole meeting that is O.K. with us. But we truly do wish that one day that whoever does attend does feel comfortable enough to share their experiences with us and open their heart to the other members. Also, The F-Word Ladies will NEVER share/talk/discuss/expose/tweet/blog/e-mail/text/sign language/ your personal information to anyone inside/outside The F-Word Ladies.

Please submit all questions or concerns to The F-Word Ladies e-mail address at thefwordladies@gmail.com and please have the subject line something along the lines of a question you have. Also answers are subject to change without notice, because only a handful of people know how to edit this page.