Hey there Ladies and Gents--

Sonja here.

I'm usually the one that does most of the posting/editing on this blog. I rarely write posts for this blog though. I usually try and write in my personal one titled F-Word (ME). Shameless plug. I feel bad though, because I would like to see more posting on this blog. Everyone is busy, believe me! Posts not just from me, but from the other members of The F-Word. So com'on!

I write a post now, because I just finished writing my first bio for the first, I guess you could call it, School of Theater production that I am in. I wanted to give mention/make known that besides this little girl role, that I am heavily (or try to be!) involved with a certain theater. . .company. . .group-troupe here at Ohio University. That company-group-troupe being The F-Word Ladies.

Do you see where I am getting at here?

I didn't know how to phrase or name the group that I participate in. I didn't know if we were a company. . .a troupe. . .a group. A community (yes!) or just a group of humans-who-talk-about-issues-and-then-put-on-a-performance. It was hard to fit all of that into a bio that couldn't exceed a 100 words. I decided on the phrase, "Later in the quarter Sonja will appear. . .and perform with the theater group The F-Word Ladies."

But is that right? Is that right to call it "a group." Is it also right to continue using "ladies?" I say ladies. And I know I do it with conscience intention-- knowing that we do have males that come to the meetings and have performed with us in the past. Yet, I still refer to the company, group-troupe as The F-Word Ladies. And frankly, I don't want to change it-- even if we do have males coming to the meetings and performing with us.

But does that send out a confusing message to the audience that doesn't know who we are?

I'm fairly sure that this issue or concern or whatever has been brought up before. And I don't think anything much has been decided other than fuck what people think! I mean that in the best way possible. In that, for the members of this place it doesn't matter if we call ourselves F-Word or The F-Word or The F-Word Ladies. Or Fuck-it-why-do-we-hi-fin-the-f-in-front-of-the-Word?! F-WORD!

Maybe I'm reading way too much into this.

Maybe this was just a thought.

We'll see at the next meeting though, maybe. Which by the way, is every Sunday from 7-9pm in Kanter 306!