Congratulations to a certain Mr. Jon Tracey for exploring a topic that rarely gets talked about in the public sphere! Currently, Jonathon Daniel Tracey is a freshman studying BFA Theater Performance at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He once hit a grand slam.

And we extend a gracious thank you to Jon for mentioning a certain theater performance group in Athens, Ohio.


-The F-Word Ladies


Who the F Am I?

The videos for the Who the F Am I? show are in the process of being converted into digital form. They will be available for your viewing pleasure within the next academic quarter (that being spring). Do not fret! We will inform you all when they are on our Youtube channel. In the mean time, check out our other videos, post a comment, or tweet us something nice.

Have a fun and SAFE Spring break ladies & gents.

-The F-Word Ladies