An F-Word Quickie: Comments

Hey everyone,

We have been getting A LOT of positive feedback since this blog started and we truly thank you for that. We will do our best to stay updated on future shows and things like that. Also, if you have or have tried to publish a comment and it does not show up-- do not worry! The F-Word Ladies have decided that we will monitor comments left before publishing them for everyone else to see. This is because we do not want down right hateful comments or attacks. If someone does disagree with us and we find the comment appropriate in language we will still publish it. As you know our readers are vast and different and everyone has a voice here.

So continue to check back and follow us on our Twitter account or join our Facebook page here. Lastly tell us anything you like and send it to thefwordladies@gmail.com!

-The F-Word Ladies

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