F-Word Service Project

In relation to the last post, The F-Word Ladies still need ideas on a service project. There were some ideas about The Ladies heading to New Orleans or somewhere closer to home-- Cincinnati being the other.

Also at last years spring quarter meeting two potential (well not really they have been determined) themes for next fall quarter were brought to a vote. One being a show about Childhood and the other one being about Confessions (a sort of Post Secret esque show). Details on that theme have yet to be determined.

And as a generic last note-- START THINKING! Once you do that submit your ideas to either the Facebook page or to our lovely gmail e-mail ----> thefwordladies@gmail.com

-The F-Word Ladies


  1. May I just comment that as a Cinci native myself, I can testify to the fact that there is a GREAT arts/theater scene in town. I think that if we hooked up with local organizations, we might be very well received.

    I'll talk to my high school drama teacher, she might have some really great ideas or suggestions or connections or directions for us to consider.

  2. I would love to do confessions! but if we do childhood i'm sure i could think of something...

    as for spring break, we're planning on going back to new orleans to do work - i'm sure we can collaborate/do a show down in new orleans???

    ALSO, how do i post things??!?