F-Word Returns for the 2012-2013 School Year!!

Welcome back to Athens everyone! We're really excited to get F-Word up and going, and reshaping F-Word in our image. And, WE WANT YOU!! Do you like to write? Perform? Sing? Dance? Create Art? Spin Plates? Do you have thoughts and ideas that society tells you not to talk about? Then, WE WANT YOU!! We want ladies, gents, and every sexy person in between.  Freshmen, Seniors, Grad or Non-Trad... All are Welcome, because everyone has a story to tell.

Our first project of the year is an interactive performance art installation lovingly called Label Me. We all do it. We walk down the street and unconsciously label everyone we see.
It's a part of being human in our society. But, where do these labels come from? How do they become such an important factor in the creation of our individual identities? How do our labels predict our actions? 

Look for us all around campus this week. Come up, take a label, make the judgment. Who are we? We want the good, the bad, and the ugly. Stereotypes, Racist, Sexist, Homophobic...Just give us the honest truth. It can even be anonymous. We would love to talk to each one of you about the project, F-Word in general, and how YOU could get involved!

Want to hear how the week of Label Me turned out? Want to see what labels we ended up with? Join us for discussion (and potentially some lovely baked goods) this Sunday, Sept 16, at 7pm, in Kantner Hall 306. 

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