One Dress, One Month

Did you know that there are an estimated 3,000 girls trafficked as sex slaves in Ohio? And that the FBI cited Toledo, Ohio as 3rd on its watch list for human sex trafficking recruitment? Did you know that if any of the girls escape slavery, they will more than likely end up homeless, prostituting themselves to make money; then get arrested for prostitution, only to be punished for falling back on the only thing they know? So that they're basically being punished for having been trafficked as a sex slave?

Angry yet?

Then why don't you do something about it? I asked myself the same question, and came up with an answer when a friend approached me with an idea.

It's called One Dress, One Month. The basic idea is that I will wear the same dress every day for a month to raise awareness of sex trafficking, especially in Ohio. I can switch up the look, wearing different leggings, pants, accessories, etc, as long as I have the dress on.

I'm writing this 13 days into the project- only 18 more to go. So far, I have had 40-50 people ask me about the dress and I have been able to engage them in a meaningful discussion. Through my personal blog, I am able to share my daily experiences and thoughts. You too can follow me at hannah-dunn.blogspot.com.

All I ask is for an open mind. To let a seed of discontent plant within you, spurring you into action. For me, it was the dress. In the future, it may be more.

So, I ask again, what can you do to end this unacceptable cycle of slavery?

~Hannah <3

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