What I Did Over Winter Break 2K10:

Got paid to participate with the Ohio Valley Summer Theater production, found "my drink": martini (love those olives), had a close encounter with death, got reacquainted with some old friends, RE-realized that Athens is my home...

After nearly seven weeks of academic recess (for most) it's time to get back to Athens and start 2011 correctly.

Our first meeting of the year will take place at the typical time and location. Well aware that some people will be attempting to settle, some not even back in town, F-Word is going to reconvene, full force at SEVEN O'CLOCK inside KANTNER 306. Please, oh please bring a friend! Encourage all thinkers, male, female, student, townie, hipster, and bro alike to join us for some wonderful "Home Detox" and gear up to brainstorm, explore, discuss, and share!

I've missed you all very much and am excited to meet some new people!

-Jessica Kyle Link

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