Today while riding in a car [on the way back from a SOX game-- we won!] with my three fellow guy friends [Bryan, Jeff, Adam] I switched the Ipod and the music that was playing to my Ipod and to a podcast that is done by the two wonderful ladies of The Stuff Mom Never Told You. The podcast was one on "Does size really matter?" Unfortunately, we didn't get to listen to the whole 27 minute podcast, but I thought it was a significant improvement for my guy friends to a) even let me change the music that was playing in the car, even though I had shotgun and b) to let me change it to a podcast on whether or not size mattered!

I found that Jeff was more engaged than Bryan or Adam, but it made me really happy that for those few minutes they listened and gave it a chance, however small.

I don't know if I'll "get-away" with doing it again, unless I am the driver, but it was unplanned and it went nicely. If only our destination had been 28 minutes away. . .but let me ask, does size really matter?

-Sonja Mata

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  1. I've found in conversation with men that size matters to a point. Generally, women obsess with their own personal size. It depends on what we're talking about. Penis size? As long as it isn't microscopic, I don't really mind. In fact I prefer medium-sized...no problems to worry about there. Also, I miss JEFF! And Bryan and Adam!